is a small city between Parakou and the Benin Niger border. It is at 200 km North of Parakou and further 110 km to Malanville. It is a commune arrondissement city in the Alibori department, Kandi is known originally like a farming center and market town. It is about 650 km of Cotonou. The city is the capital city of the Alibori department. The commune covers an area of 3421 square kilometers and 177,683 people in 2013.
The commune is subdivided into 10 arrondissements: Kandi I Kandi II, Kandi III, Angaradébou, Bensékou, Donwari, Sonsoro, Kassakou, Saah, Sam
Kandi was founded by Dendi kingdoman offshoot of Songhai Empire; the surrounded villages are Mokole Yoruba, who fled the wars of the foundation of Oyo kingdom. The surrounding countryside is Bariba.
The commune is limited in the North of Malanville , South by Gogounou, West Banikoara and the east Ségbana.
The principal religions in Kandi are: Muslims 72,5%; Catholics 12,2%; Traditionals 4,6%; Protestants 1,3% others 9,4%.
Ethnics: Baatombu, Peuhls, Dendis, Mokollé, Yom, Lokpa, Otamari, Yoruba, Adja et Fon.
Touristic sites: Elephants site of Alfakoara, Parc of W, Crocodiles pool of Donwari, Sacred lizards of Sam, Cave and waterfall of Kandifo, Fire dance in Zondoro, Gogore cultural dance, têkê dance…


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